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What is an AutoCAD PMP file?

What is an AutoCAD PMP file?

An AutoCAD PMP (Plotter Model Parameter) file is a text-based file used to define custom plotter configuration parameters for specific plotters or printers in AutoCAD.

Usage: PMP files allow users to customize and fine-tune plotter settings to ensure accurate and consistent printing results.

Examples of Use:

  1. Custom Plotter Settings: Create a PMP file to specify unique plotter settings, such as pen assignments, line widths, and print resolutions.
  2. Calibration: Adjust plotter parameters to calibrate the output for precise and high-quality plotting.
  3. Specialized Printing: Configure PMP files for specific printing requirements, such as large-format posters or detailed engineering drawings.

AutoCAD PMP files enable users to tailor plotter configurations to their specific needs, ensuring accurate and optimized printing results.