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What is an AutoCAD DSD file?

What is an AutoCAD DSD file?

An AutoCAD DSD (Drawing Set Description) file is a file format used to store information about a set of drawing files, such as the order of drawings, plot settings, and print configurations, for batch plotting or publishing purposes.

Usage: DSD files are used to streamline the process of plotting or publishing multiple drawings with consistent settings.

Examples of Use:

  1. Batch Plotting: Create a DSD file to specify which drawings to plot, the plot style, and other settings, then use it to plot multiple drawings at once.
  2. Publishing: Use DSD files to define a set of drawings to be published to a single PDF or DWF file with consistent settings.
  3. Project Sets: Organize DSD files to represent different project sets or drawing sets, making it easy to switch between and print various groups of drawings.

AutoCAD DSD files simplify the management and printing of multiple drawings by storing and applying consistent plot and print settings across a set of drawings.