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What is an AutoCAD CFG file?

What is an AutoCAD CFG file?

An AutoCAD CFG (Configuration) file is a text-based configuration file used to customize and configure various settings and preferences within AutoCAD.

Usage: CFG files allow users to tailor AutoCAD to their specific needs by adjusting various program settings and options.

Examples of Use:

  1. Workspace Customization: Modify the AutoCAD user interface by changing the arrangement of toolbars, palettes, and menus.
  2. Menu Customization: Create custom menu files (MNU) and assign them in CFG files to define specific menu structures.
  3. Plot Styles and Print Configuration: Configure settings related to plotting and printing, such as plot style tables (CTB/STB) and paper sizes.

AutoCAD CFG files help users personalize their AutoCAD environment, making it more efficient and suited to their unique workflows and requirements.