How to change AutoCAD 2024 to classic view?

Brief Answer: In AutoCAD 2024 (2023, 2022, 2021 etc..), you cannot change to the classic view directly as the classic workspace is not included. However, you can manually customize the workspace to resemble the classic view.

Detailed Explanation and Solutions:

  1. Understanding the Problem:
    • AutoCAD 2024 and newer versions primarily use the Ribbon interface, and the classic workspace with toolbars and menus is not included by default.
    • Users familiar with older versions of AutoCAD might prefer the classic view.
  2. Customizing Workspace:
    • Hide the Ribbon: Right-click on the ribbon area and select “Show Tabs” and “Show Panels” to turn them off.
    • Display Toolbars: Type TOOLBAR in the command line. Enter the name of the toolbar (like “Standard”) and “Show” to display it.
    • Repeat for Other Toolbars: Repeat the above step for additional toolbars like “Layers,” “Properties,” etc.
    • Adjust the Layout: Drag and dock these toolbars to positions similar to the classic view.
  3. Saving Custom Workspace:
    • Create New Workspace: Click on the Workspace Switching icon on the status bar. Choose “Save Current As.”
    • Name the Workspace: Name it something like “Classic” for easy recognition.
    • Save the Workspace: Save your new workspace. You can switch to this workspace anytime.
  4. Importing Classic Workspace (If Available):
    • From Another System: If you have access to an older version of AutoCAD with the classic workspace, export the workspace settings from there and import them into AutoCAD 2024.

Key Points:

  • Manual Customization: Since AutoCAD 2024 doesn’t offer a classic view by default, manual customization is required.
  • Familiarity with Interface: Knowing the names and functions of toolbars is helpful for setting up.
  • Flexibility: This process allows flexibility in creating a workspace that suits individual preferences.

By customizing the workspace in AutoCAD 2024, you can create an environment similar to the classic view, tailoring it to your familiarity and work preferences.