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What is an AutoCAD Viewport?

What is an AutoCAD Viewport?

An AutoCAD Viewport is a rectangular (and no rectangular) area within a layout or paper space that displays a specific portion of your drawing at a particular scale.

Command: To create and manage viewports, use the “MVIEW” command.

Usage: Viewports are essential for creating multiple views of your drawing on a single sheet of paper. They allow you to display different parts of your drawing at different scales and angles, making it easier to create detailed and organized drawings.

Examples of Use:

  1. Architectural Plans: Create viewports to show floor plans, elevations, and sections on a single sheet for a complete building design.
  2. Mechanical Drawings: Use viewports to display multiple views of a machine, such as top, front, and side views, on one sheet.
  3. Urban Planning: Create viewports for different sections of a city map, each with a specific zoom level, for a comprehensive urban planning document.

AutoCAD viewports help improve drawing presentation and organization, allowing you to communicate complex information more effectively.