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How to show all menu bars in AutoCAD?

Brief Answer: Unfortunately, AutoCAD doesn’t offer a single “show all menu bar” option as the classic interface was phased out in favor of the ribbon and panels. To show all menu bars in AutoCAD, use the MENUBAR command to toggle the display of the classic menu bar.

Detailed Explanation and Solutions:

  1. Understanding the Problem:
    • In AutoCAD, the menu bar might be hidden, especially in newer versions favoring the Ribbon interface.
    • Users familiar with classic interfaces may prefer having the full menu bar for easy access to commands.
  2. Using MENUBAR Command:
    • Activate Command Line: Click in the command line at the bottom of the AutoCAD window.
    • Type MENUBAR: Enter MENUBAR and press Enter.
    • Toggle Display: Type 1 and press Enter to show the menu bar. To hide it again, type 0 and press Enter.
  3. Accessing Through CUI (Customize User Interface):
    • Open CUI: Type CUI in the command line and press Enter.
    • Locate Menu Bar: In the CUI dialog, find the Menu Bar under the Interface Elements.
    • Enable Menu Bar: Check the box next to the Menu Bar to display it.
  4. Restoring Workspace to Display Menu Bar:
    • Switch Workspace: If the menu bar is part of a specific workspace, switch to that workspace.
    • Workspace Settings: Click on the Workspace switching icon on the status bar, and select the desired workspace that includes the menu bar.
  5. Tips for Effective Interface Customization:
    • Customize as Needed: Customize the menu bar in the CUI editor to include frequently used commands.
    • Save Workspace: After adjusting the interface, save the workspace for future use.
    • Adapt to Ribbon: If comfortable, try adapting to the Ribbon interface for a more modern workflow.

By following these steps, you can easily toggle the display of the classic menu bar in AutoCAD, enhancing your interface according to your preference and workflow requirements.