AutoCAD can’t bold text?

Brief Answer: AutoCAD cannot directly bold text unless the font used supports bold styling.

Detailed Explanation and Solutions:

  1. Font Limitations:
    • Font Dependency: Bold text in AutoCAD depends on the font file. Some fonts do not have a bold version.
    • Check Font: Ensure the font used in your text style supports bold formatting.
  2. Changing Text Style:
    • Use Bold Font: If the font has a bold version (like ‘Arial Bold’), change the text style to use it.
    • Steps:
      • Type STYLE in the command line and press Enter.
      • In the Text Style dialog, select the style you are using.
      • Choose a font that includes a bold version.
      • Click ‘Apply’ and ‘Close’.
  3. Workaround with Width Factor:
    • Manual Adjustment: Increase the width factor to simulate boldness if a bold font isn’t available.
    • Adjust Width Factor:
      • In the Text Style dialog, increase the width factor (usually, 1 is normal, and values above 1 make the text wider).
  4. Using Lineweight for Single Line Text (DTEXT):
    • Lineweight Adjustment: For DTEXT, you can increase lineweight to mimic boldness.
    • Increase Lineweight:
      • Select the text.
      • In the Properties panel, increase the lineweight.

Key Points:

  • Font Selection: Choose fonts that have bold versions.
  • Width Factor: A practical method for fonts without a bold variant.
  • Text Type Consideration: Methods may vary slightly between single line (DTEXT) and multiline text (MTEXT).

In summary, creating bold text in AutoCAD relies on using a font that supports bold styling or adjusting the width factor or lineweight as a workaround.