How big should text be in AutoCAD?

Brief Answer: The size of text in AutoCAD should be chosen based on the scale of the drawing and the purpose of the text. A common practice is to use a text height that is readable when the drawing is printed at its intended scale.

Detailed Explanation and Solutions:

  1. Understanding Scale and Readability:
    • Issue: Text must be legible when the drawing is printed. The size depends on the drawing’s scale and the final output size.
    • Solution:
      • Determine the Drawing Scale: Understand the scale at which the drawing will be printed. For example, a 1:100 scale.
      • Choose a Legible Size: For architectural drawings, a common text height is 2.5mm to 3mm when printed. Thus, in a 1:100 scale drawing, the text height in the model space would be 250mm to 300mm.
  2. Using Text Styles:
    • Issue: Consistency in text size across various drawings.
    • Solution:
      • Create Text Styles: Go to “Annotate” > “Text Style”. Create a new style with a specific height.
      • Apply Styles: Use these styles for different text elements to maintain consistency.
  3. Adjusting for Viewports:
    • Issue: Text size may appear different in various viewports.
    • Solution:
      • Viewport Scale: Ensure the text size is appropriate for each viewport’s scale in paper space. Adjust text size in model space accordingly.
  4. Considering Sheet Size:
    • Issue: Text size should be suitable for the sheet size.
    • Solution:
      • Sheet Size Awareness: For larger sheets like A1, slightly larger text may be appropriate. For smaller sheets like A3, smaller text is often better.
  5. User Preferences and Standards:
    • Issue: Different industries or companies may have specific standards.
    • Solution:
      • Follow Industry Standards: Refer to any industry or company standards for text sizes.
      • Feedback and Adjustment: Adjust based on feedback from peers or clients.
  6. Testing and Adjusting:
    • Issue: Ensuring text is readable in the final output.
    • Solution:
      • Print Test: Print a sample section at the intended scale. Check for readability and adjust as necessary.

In conclusion, choosing the right text size in AutoCAD involves considering the drawing’s scale, the final output size, consistency through text styles, and adhering to industry or company standards. Regularly printing test samples can ensure readability and appropriate sizing.