Can’t uninstall AutoCAD?

Brief Answer: If you can’t uninstall AutoCAD (2024,2023,2022,2021..) , it could be due to corrupted installation files, issues with Windows Installer, or insufficient user permissions.

Detailed Explanation and Solutions:

  1. Use Windows Control Panel:
    • Standard Method: Uninstall through the Control Panel.
    • Steps:
      • Go to ‘Control Panel’ > ‘Programs’ > ‘Programs and Features’.
      • Find AutoCAD, select it, and click ‘Uninstall’.
  2. Corrupted Installation Files:
    • Problem: Corrupted files can hinder the uninstallation process.
    • Solution:
      • Download and reinstall the same version of AutoCAD.
      • Try uninstalling again through the Control Panel.
  3. Windows Installer Issues:
    • Windows Installer Glitch: Sometimes the issue lies with Windows Installer.
    • Fix:
      • Restart your computer.
      • Try uninstalling again.
  4. Insufficient User Permissions:
    • Permissions Problem: You need administrative rights to uninstall programs.
    • Solution:
      • Log in as an administrator.
      • Attempt to uninstall again.
  5. Use Autodesk Uninstall Tool:
    • Alternative Method: Use Autodesk’s dedicated uninstall tool.
    • Steps:
      • Find the tool in the Autodesk folder in the Start menu.
      • Use it to uninstall AutoCAD.
  6. Manual Cleanup:
    • Last Resort: Manually remove AutoCAD files and registry entries.
    • Caution: This should only be done by advanced users familiar with registry editing.

Key Points:

  • Standard Uninstall First: Always try uninstalling via Control Panel initially.
  • Ensure Proper Rights: Have administrative permissions.
  • Autodesk Tools: Utilize Autodesk’s own tools for uninstallation if standard methods fail.

Difficulty in uninstalling AutoCAD typically involves issues with the installation files, Windows Installer, or user permissions. Following these steps should allow for a successful uninstallation of AutoCAD.