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How to get arrow symbol in AutoCAD?

Brief Answer: To get an arrow symbol in AutoCAD, you can use the Block library, the Leader command, or draw it manually.

Detailed Explanation and Solutions:

  1. Using Block Library:
    • Problem: Need an arrow symbol quickly and consistently.
    • Solution:
      • Open Block Library: Type INSERT or I in the command line.
      • Browse for Arrows: Look for a block that represents an arrow. AutoCAD has pre-made blocks for arrows.
      • Insert the Arrow Block: Select the arrow block and place it in your drawing.
  2. Creating with Leader Command:
    • Problem: Need to label or point to specific parts of the drawing.
    • Solution:
      • Use Leader Command: Type LEADER or QLEADER in the command line.
      • Draw the Leader Line: Click to set the start and end points.
      • Choose Arrow Style: In the Leader Settings, select your preferred arrow style.
      • Place Leader Text (if needed): Type any text that should accompany the arrow.
  3. Drawing Manually:
    • Problem: Require a custom arrow design.
    • Solution:
      • Draw Line for Shaft: Use the LINE command to draw the shaft of the arrow.
      • Create Arrowhead: Draw a triangle at one end of the line, using POLYLINE or LINE.
      • Use Trim and Extend: Use TRIM and EXTEND commands to refine the arrowhead shape.
  4. Using Character Map for Symbols:
    • Problem: Need a simple arrow symbol within text.
    • Solution:
      • Character Map: On Windows, open the Character Map app.
      • Copy Arrow Symbol: Find an arrow symbol, copy it.
      • Paste in AutoCAD Text: Use MTEXT command and paste the symbol.
  5. Using Unicode:
    • Problem: Quick insertion of arrow symbols in text.
    • Solution:
      • MTEXT Command: Type MTEXT and create a text box.
      • Enter Unicode: Type the Unicode for the arrow symbol (e.g., %%U+2192 for a right arrow).
      • Convert to Symbol: AutoCAD converts the Unicode to the corresponding arrow symbol.

Each method offers different benefits, whether it’s speed, customization, or simplicity. Choose the one that fits your specific needs in AutoCAD.