Does AutoCAD work on Chromebooks?

No, AutoCAD does not natively run on Chromebooks.

Chromebooks use Chrome OS, which does not support the installation of traditional desktop software like AutoCAD.

Detailed Explanation:

  1. Operating System Compatibility:
    • AutoCAD is designed for Windows and macOS, not Chrome OS.
    • Chromebooks typically run web-based or Android apps.
  2. Possible Workarounds:
    • AutoCAD Web: A web-based version of AutoCAD, accessible via a browser.
    • Remote Desktop Access: Access a PC or Mac running AutoCAD via remote desktop apps.

Using AutoCAD on Chromebook:

  • AutoCAD Web App:
    • Step 1: Open the Chrome browser.
    • Step 2: Go to the AutoCAD Web App site.
    • Step 3: Sign in with your Autodesk account.
  • Remote Desktop:
    • Step 1: Install a remote desktop app on your Chromebook.
    • Step 2: Set up remote access on a computer running AutoCAD.
    • Step 3: Connect to the computer from your Chromebook.


  • Limited Functionality: The web version of AutoCAD has fewer features compared to the desktop version.
  • Performance: Remote desktop performance depends on your internet speed and the host computer’s capabilities.