Does AutoCAD have 3D modeling?

Yes, AutoCAD supports 3D modeling.

AutoCAD is not just for 2D drafting; it also offers 3D modeling capabilities. Users can create and edit 3D models.

Detailed Explanation:

  1. 3D Modeling Tools: AutoCAD provides a range of 3D modeling tools. These include solid, surface, and mesh modeling.
  2. Creating 3D Models: You can create 3D models from scratch or convert existing 2D designs into 3D.
  3. Editing 3D Models: AutoCAD allows for the manipulation and editing of 3D models.

Using 3D Modeling in AutoCAD:

  • Step 1: Switch to a 3D workspace. This optimizes the interface for 3D modeling.
  • Step 2: Use 3D modeling tools like extrude, revolve, and sweep to create 3D shapes.
  • Step 3: Edit and refine your 3D models using tools like 3D rotate and 3D scale.


  • AutoCAD’s strength in 3D lies in mechanical and architectural modeling.
  • It’s not as advanced as specialized 3D modeling software for complex or organic shapes.