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What is an AutoCAD PC3 file?

What is an AutoCAD PC3 file?

An AutoCAD PC3 (Plotter Configuration) file is a configuration file used to define and store settings and specifications for a particular plotter or printer in AutoCAD.

Usage: PC3 files are employed to ensure that drawings are plotted or printed correctly on specific output devices by specifying settings like paper size, plot style, and plotter-specific options.

Examples of Use:

  1. Print Setup: Create a PC3 file to define the settings for a specific printer, including paper size, orientation, and print quality.
  2. Plot Style Configuration: Specify whether to use color-dependent (CTB) or named (STB) plot style tables for printing.
  3. Custom Print Options: Define custom settings for a plotter, such as pen assignments, line weights, or line colors.

AutoCAD PC3 files help maintain consistency in plotting or printing output by storing and applying specific configuration settings for different plotters or printers.