Does AutoCAD work on Windows 11?

Yes, AutoCAD works on Windows 11.

AutoCAD is compatible with Windows 11, allowing users to take advantage of the latest Windows features and improvements.

Detailed Explanation:

  1. Windows 11 Compatibility:
    • AutoCAD has been updated to work with Windows 11, ensuring compatibility with the new operating system.
  2. System Requirements:
    • Check that your system meets both Windows 11 and AutoCAD’s system requirements for optimal performance.
  3. Installing AutoCAD on Windows 11:
    • Step 1: Verify your PC meets the necessary requirements.
    • Step 2: Obtain AutoCAD from Autodesk or an authorized reseller.
    • Step 3: Install AutoCAD on your Windows 11 system.


  • Regular Updates: Keep both Windows and AutoCAD updated for the best experience.
  • Check Compatibility: Especially for older versions of AutoCAD, ensure they are compatible with Windows 11.