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What is an AutoCAD ARG file?

What is an AutoCAD ARG file?

An AutoCAD ARG (AutoCAD Profile) file is a configuration file used by AutoCAD. It stores customized settings for the AutoCAD workspace. These settings can include preferences for toolbars, menus, ribbon panels, and drawing settings.

Usage of ARG Files:

  • Backup and Transfer: ARG files are often used for backing up AutoCAD settings or transferring them to another system.
  • Standardizing Settings: In a team or organization, ARG files help maintain consistent settings across different users’ workstations.

Creating an ARG File:

  • Access Options in AutoCAD.
  • Go to the Profiles tab.
  • Export your current profile to create an ARG file.

Importing an ARG File:

  • In the same Profiles tab, use the Import option.
  • Select the ARG file to apply its settings to AutoCAD.

Examples of Use:

  • A user customizes their AutoCAD interface and wants to replicate it on another computer.
  • An organization standardizes AutoCAD settings across all its employees’ computers for consistency.

Remember, ARG files are specific to AutoCAD versions, so compatibility should be checked when transferring between different AutoCAD versions.