Does AutoCAD work on integrated graphics?

Yes, AutoCAD can work on integrated graphics, but with limitations.

AutoCAD can run on systems with integrated graphics, but performance may be limited, especially for 3D modeling and rendering tasks.

Detailed Explanation:

  1. Basic 2D Drafting:
    • Integrated graphics are generally sufficient for basic 2D drafting and simple designs.
  2. 3D Modeling and Complex Tasks:
    • For more complex 3D modeling, rendering, and large files, a dedicated GPU is recommended for better performance.
  3. Using AutoCAD with Integrated Graphics:
    • Step 1: Ensure your system meets the minimum requirements for running AutoCAD.
    • Step 2: For improved performance, adjust AutoCAD’s graphics settings to optimize for your hardware.
    • Step 3: Avoid running multiple demanding applications simultaneously to allocate more resources to AutoCAD.


  • Performance Expectations: Be aware of the limitations and expect potential lag or slower rendering with integrated graphics on complex tasks.
  • Regular Saving: Work with regular saving habits to prevent data loss in case of performance issues.