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How to change language in AutoCAD (PC and Mac) ?

Brief Answer:
To change the language in AutoCAD on a PC, install the AutoCAD language pack for your desired language and set it as the default in the software’s settings. For AutoCAD on a Mac, change the language in AutoCAD preferences under the General tab, then restart the software.

Detailed Explanation and Solutions:

  1. Understanding the Issue:
    • AutoCAD comes in various languages, but changing the language isn’t as straightforward as altering a setting within the software.
    • It usually requires installing a language pack.
  2. For PC:
    1. Download Language Pack: Visit the Autodesk website, find the language pack for your AutoCAD version, and download it.
    2. Install Language Pack: Run the installer and follow the instructions.
    3. Change Language Setting:
      1. Open AutoCAD.
      2. Go to the application menu (big A in the top left corner), then ‘Options’.
      3. In the ‘Options’ dialog box, switch to the ‘Language’ tab.
      4. Select your desired language, then click ‘OK’.
    4. Restart AutoCAD: Close and reopen AutoCAD for the changes to take effect.
  3. For Mac:
    1. Navigate to AutoCAD Preferences:
      • Click on the AutoCAD menu in the top menu bar.
      • Select Preferences.
    2. Access General Tab:
      • In the Preferences window, go to the General tab.
    3. Change Language:
      • Find the language option in the General tab.
      • Select your preferred language from the drop-down list.
    4. Restart AutoCAD for Mac:
      • Close AutoCAD.
      • Reopen it for the language change to take effect.

    This process allows you to change the interface language of AutoCAD on a Mac without needing to install additional language packs, making it a straightforward and convenient solution.

Key Points:

  1. Download Correct Version (PC): Ensure the language pack matches your AutoCAD version when installing on a PC.
  2. Change Language in Preferences (Mac): On a Mac, change the language directly in AutoCAD preferences under the General tab.
  3. Restart Required: A restart of AutoCAD is necessary for the language change to take effect, both on PC and Mac.

In summary, changing the language in AutoCAD on a PC involves installing the appropriate language pack, while on a Mac, it is done through AutoCAD’s own preferences without the need for additional language packs.