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What is AutoCAD Alias

What is AutoCAD Alias

An AutoCAD Alias is a user-defined shortcut or abbreviation for a frequently used AutoCAD command, allowing for quicker access and execution of commands.

Command: To create or manage aliases in AutoCAD, use the “ALIASEDIT” command.

Usage: Alias commands are helpful for saving time and keystrokes. Users can assign custom shortcuts to commonly used commands, making AutoCAD more efficient and tailored to their workflow.

Examples of Use:

  1. Zoom Extents: Set an alias like “ZE” for the “ZOOM” and “EXTENTS” commands combined, allowing you to quickly zoom to the drawing’s extents.
  2. Layer Properties: Create an alias “LPROP” for the “LAYERS” and “PROPERTIES” commands to access layer properties easily.
  3. Line Command: Shorten the “LINE” command to “L” to draw lines quickly.

AutoCAD aliases enhance productivity by providing a faster way to execute commands and speeding up the drafting process.