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What is an AutoCAD DST file?

What is an AutoCAD DST file?

An AutoCAD DST (AutoCAD Sheet Set) file is a file format used to manage and organize a collection of drawing files, layouts, and related data as a cohesive project.

Usage: DST files are used to create and manage sheet sets, making it easier to work with multiple drawings and layouts in a project.

Examples of Use:

  1. Architectural Plans: Create a sheet set to manage floor plans, elevations, and sections as individual drawings within a building project.
  2. Civil Engineering: Use DST files to organize road design drawings, profiles, and cross-sections within a transportation project.
  3. Construction Documents: Organize construction documents such as structural details, electrical plans, and plumbing layouts in a sheet set.

AutoCAD DST files enhance project management by providing a structured way to manage and navigate through multiple drawings and layouts within a project.