AutoCAD can’t purge block? (6 solutions)

AutoCAD can’t purge block? (6 solutions)

If you’re unable to purge a block in AutoCAD, there could be several reasons. Here are the common ones with their solutions:

1. Block is Still in Use

  • Reason: The block cannot be purged because it is still used in the drawing.
  • Solution: Ensure all instances of the block are deleted from the drawing. Use the SELECTSIMILAR command to find and delete all instances.

2. Nested within Other Blocks

  • Reason: The block may be nested within another block.
  • Solution: Identify and edit the parent blocks. Use BLOCKEDIT to open Block Editor and remove the nested block.

3. Block Set to Not Be Purged

  • Reason: Some blocks are set to not be purged.
  • Solution: Change block properties. In Block Editor, find the block and modify its properties to allow purging.

4. Block in an External Reference (Xref)

  • Reason: The block is part of an Xref and not directly in the drawing.
  • Solution: Open the source file of the Xref and purge the block there.

5. Block in a Layout

  • Reason: Blocks used in layouts might not purge.
  • Solution: Check all layouts and remove any instances of the block.

6. Drawing Corruption

  • Reason: The drawing file might be corrupted.
  • Solution: Use the RECOVER command to repair the drawing file.