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What is an AutoCAD Array?

What is an AutoCAD Array?

An AutoCAD Array is a command used to create multiple copies of objects arranged in rows and columns (or circular), allowing for efficient duplication and arrangement of objects within a drawing.

Command: To use the Array command, you can simply type “ARRAY” and press Enter in AutoCAD.

Usage: Arrays are employed when you need to replicate objects in a structured manner. You can create rectangular or polar arrays, controlling the number of rows, columns, and spacing between objects.

Examples of Use:

  1. Furniture Layout: Quickly duplicate chairs or tables in a room layout to maintain uniform spacing.
  2. Array of Bolts: Create an array of bolts or fasteners in a mechanical drawing with precise spacing.
  3. Stairs: Use an array to duplicate and arrange stairs in a building design.

AutoCAD Arrays simplify the process of placing multiple objects in a systematic pattern, saving time and ensuring accuracy in your drawings.