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How to open DWL file in AutoCAD?

Brief Answer: A DWL file cannot be directly opened in AutoCAD as it is a lock file created by AutoCAD. To access the drawing, open the corresponding DWG file instead.

Detailed Explanation and Solutions:

  1. Understanding DWL Files:
    • Lock File: A DWL file is a temporary lock file created by AutoCAD when a DWG file is opened.
    • Purpose: It prevents multiple users from editing the same file simultaneously.
    • Not a Drawing File: DWL files are not meant to be opened or edited directly.
  2. Accessing the Original DWG File:
    • Locate DWG File: Find the DWG file associated with the DWL file. They typically have the same name but different extensions.
    • Open DWG in AutoCAD: Double-click the DWG file or open it through AutoCAD to access the drawing.
    • Automatic Deletion: Normally, the DWL file will delete itself once the DWG file is closed. If it doesn’t, it may indicate the software didn’t close properly.
  3. If DWL File Persists:
    • Manual Deletion: If the DWL file remains after closing AutoCAD, it can be manually deleted.
    • Ensure No Active Editing: Make sure no one is currently editing the DWG file.
    • Delete DWL File: Manually delete the DWL file from the folder where the DWG file is stored.

Key Points:

  • Do Not Open DWL: Attempting to open a DWL file in AutoCAD or other software is unnecessary and will not work.
  • Check for Software Issues: Persistent DWL files might indicate problems with AutoCAD closing properly.
  • Regular Saves: Regularly save your work in DWG format to avoid data loss.

In summary, DWL files are lock files and are not intended to be opened. To access your drawing, locate and open the corresponding DWG file in AutoCAD. If a DWL file is left behind after closing AutoCAD, it can be safely deleted as long as the DWG file is not being actively edited.