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What is an AutoCAD TMP file?

What is an AutoCAD TMP file?

An AutoCAD TMP (Temporary) file is a temporary file created by AutoCAD during the editing or saving process to store data temporarily while working on a drawing.

Usage: TMP files are used to prevent data loss and maintain file integrity in case of unexpected interruptions, such as software crashes.

Examples of Use:

  1. Backup: AutoCAD creates TMP files to serve as backups in case the original drawing file becomes corrupted or the software crashes during editing.
  2. AutoSave: TMP files can be part of the AutoSave feature, where AutoCAD periodically saves a copy of your work to avoid data loss.
  3. Recovery: If AutoCAD crashes, the TMP file may be used to recover unsaved changes when you reopen the program.

AutoCAD TMP files are essential for data recovery and ensuring that your work is not lost due to unexpected events or interruptions.