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What is an AutoCAD script file?

What is an AutoCAD script file?

An AutoCAD script file (scr file) is a text file that contains a series of AutoCAD commands and instructions. You can use it to automate tasks and execute a sequence of commands in AutoCAD.

Usage: Script files are employed to streamline repetitive or complex tasks in AutoCAD, making it easier to perform various operations.

Examples of Use:

  1. Batch Processing: Create a script file to apply the same set of commands to multiple drawings simultaneously.
  2. Custom Workflows: Use script files to automate custom workflows or perform tasks not achievable through standard AutoCAD commands.
  3. Drawing Cleanup: Develop a script to clean up and standardize drawing files by removing unnecessary elements, layers, or settings.

AutoCAD script files enhance productivity by allowing you to automate tasks and maintain consistency in your drawings and projects.