Can’t open bak file AutoCAD?

Brief Answer: If you can’t open a .bak (backup) file in AutoCAD, it may be due to an incorrect file extension or corruption of the file.

Detailed Explanation and Solutions:

  1. Rename File Extension:
    • Reason: .bak files are backup files of AutoCAD drawings and need to be renamed to .dwg to open.
    • Solution:
      • Locate the .bak file in File Explorer.
      • Rename the file extension from .bak to .dwg (e.g., ‘filename.bak’ to ‘filename.dwg’).
      • Open the renamed file in AutoCAD.
  2. File Corruption:
    • Issue: If the .bak file is corrupted, it won’t open.
    • Solution:
      • Attempt to use the RECOVER command in AutoCAD on the renamed .dwg file.
      • If this fails, try opening another backup or the original DWG file, if available.
  3. File Permissions:
    • Problem: Lack of file permissions can prevent opening.
    • Action: Ensure you have read and write permissions for the file and its directory.
  4. Software Compatibility:
    • Concern: Ensure the version of AutoCAD is compatible with the file.
    • Check: Open the file in the same or newer version of AutoCAD that created it.

Key Points:

  • Correct File Extension: Change .bak to .dwg to make the file recognizable to AutoCAD.
  • Check File Integrity: Use AutoCAD’s recovery options for potentially corrupted files.
  • Permissions and Compatibility: Verify permissions and software compatibility.

To open a .bak file in AutoCAD, the key step is renaming the file extension to .dwg, ensuring that the file is not corrupted, and that the version of AutoCAD being used is compatible with the file.